Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Common Enquiry On BaZi Preparatory Workshop


May I know the venue of bazi workshop? Is it at KL or Singapore? What about the medium of instruction? Is it in English or Mandarin? Is this course for beginners or advanced learner? My BaZi understanding is limited based on what I have read from books and blogs. By the way, can I know what is included in the 3 days course example foods, course contents? Hope to hear from you.


The venue is in Malaysia. Click HERE for detail. The medium of instruction is bilingual - English + Mandarin. The primary medium is in English, so is the notes. However for clarification he will add on clarification in mandarin as well. So that you will get the correct nuances. Don't worry, it is not Beijing mandarin.

Ok, to maximize your learning, is better you must at least remember the 12 Chinese character of stem branch. Perhaps now there is still time read up some basic of clashes, combination and so on. That will ease your learning when you join the workshop.

This course straddles between beginner and intermediate. He will go briefly on how the chart is constructed. Since there is so much software available he will not be discussing in detail. However he will concentrate more on the cutting off point. Is good that if you do not have preconceived idea to start with.?

The fee covers coursework and lunch only. We may assist you in lodging within the same hotel. Let me know your preferences example, Twin sharing or single bed and so forth. You will have to arrange for your own transportation.?


How much deposit do I need to send to secure a place at RMxxxx?  Actually I am signing up based on the reviews on the webpage. Can you please tell me more about the master's skills? Is this the only module or are there more to come?


As places are limited, we do not collect deposit. Just deposit in the full amount to the account number so provided and sends us the proof of deposit either via email. In the event of course termination for unforeseen reason, you will be refunded in FULL. Payment made will not be refunded unless under reasonable grounds. Refund of 100% will be entertained if the request of refund is made under reasonable grounds before 26 October 2010. Refund of 50% will be entertained if the request of refund is made under reasonable grounds before 26 November 2010. After 26 November 2010, no refund will be entertained.

Master Ng seldom teaches. He practices more then he teaches. So you can say this is the only module. He is only willing to impart knowledge to enable his student to read BaZi for themselves and their family members confidently. Why not stranger or famous personality, because he believes that one is able to match real life event to the chart being read and he wants immediate feedback. With consent he may even go to some sensitive matters revealed from the chart and be discuss in the class. The problem with him, he likes to be challenged. He wants his student to know how he derives his hypotheses. If you want to dwell into theory, this is not the class! If you want to be taught to read BaZi and practice it in a practical sense, then this is it!

He couldn't be bothered, even if you have learned from other masters or being send by other master to sit in. That is his least concerned as in his previous class there were also students from other school. However a note of concerns. What you learn is only for you and you are free to communicate with him about your progress. He touches base with every students of his who eventually upgraded to being FengShui practitioners some under the banner of QuanYuan. There is no fuss about it. Unless, he is comfortable to impart more advance knowledge, then there may be future module. Think about it he only teaches twice a year?. As it is, is already a worth investment compared to Module 4 of the other school.

I truly guess he uses this workshop just to build up affinity with his student rather than just making money. However as he is also from the old school, if the breaches are made by the student themselves either in being scrupulous, dishonest, un respectful and ill intention, then there is only God that such student needs to answer to.

I hope this explanation helps in your decision making.


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