Thursday, July 26, 2012

Standard Operating Procedure - SOP

Question: Was wondering if my questions about more information on procedures reaches you fine. As the day of our meeting approaches, I would like to re-enquire "the detailed steps and procedures and what can I expect from this entire engagement".
I would also like to know my rights and obligations.

I sincerely hope my request for information are not considered unreasonable as this is the first time I am engaging professional consultant.

Many Thanks and Advance Apologies if I sounded pushy for information.

Answer: First time encounter of such question after so many rounds of work. Would have walk off from this job. Anyway, on second thought it is also very valid. So we reattached herewith a "normal" circumstances of "the detailed steps and procedures and what can I expect from this entire engagement".

1. Have breakfast then go to your house
2. Read your bazi
3. Audit your great external
4. Audit your internal
5. Audit your room
6. Break for lunch
7. Internal discussion
8. Response to you regarding d FengShui
9. Discuss what to do next
10. Set out for your house
11. Job done. Collect fee and reimbursable. Complete stage audit, recommendation and setting out.
12. Sent us back to hotel
13. You may join us for dinner
14. End of day 1
15. Will email you date time of renovation if require
16. When completed, our representative will come to re-verify setting out. Then you pay the final installment plus reimbursable if any.

Your rights - Either party may terminate our services at any point or stages as and may be warranted.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Nature Of BaZi

Question: I have been reading on the internet on and off for the last few years. I notice the more I read the further I got confused. I tried visiting fungshui masters twice to clear my doubts but the experience are not too well. One of the master was pushy on me to buy his product ornaments. I do not know clearly if wearing these things does helps. The other master told me quite opposite of the earlier master reading but both did not answer my questions.

Your questions posted on 1 & 2 kind of shocked me. It further confirmed that I'm confuse with my research. I could not answer any of your question. All I could conclude from my understanding and I really believe are as follows,

1) Bazi set our destiny. It is fated and nothing could change it.

2) We could not turn what is bad into good and good into bad.

3) The only thing I could do is prevent bad turning into worst and maximizing what is good.

4) And to tell when is good and bad lies in the year, month, day and even hour.

By now you should have know that it is a bad year for me in 2011. I did badly this year and with all the good news saying that 2012 is a good year for rooster, I doubt it will be any use if I do not get the timing to size favorable opportunities. Thinking back, I have made wrong decision often spot on at the wrong timing and missed good times watching it passes by. The wrong decision was made at the time where it seems so good and nothing should goes wrong, but it does.   

Sir, it is greatly appreciated if you could provide the answers to the questions you asked me on the earlier mail. I think this is what I'm searching for the past 4 years. Thank you so much. Finally, I think I have found the correct person. 


1) BaZi consists of 3 components. The natal chart (8 characters) are Early Heaven (born with it). This is fixed. It is liked a make up of a car. If the natal chart is excellent it is almost liked, let say BMW otherwise it is just a normal car. The other components, Luck Cycle and Annual Pillars are dynamic, Later Heaven, change through 10 years period or annually. This components are liked the roads or highways the car travels. If the Luck Cycle or Annual Pillars are excellent, it means to say the roads are so good that given a lousy car it still moves faster then a BMW traveling on a pot holed roads. So, change is a relative concept.

2) Metaphysics do not change bad to good but teaches one to live through both good and bad. For example, it is very easy to consult a BaZi base on favorable stars but difficult to tell people to use their negative treats to their benefits. Example, a wife has a loggerhead with her mother in-law and apparently her wealth element is negative. How is she going to use her wealth to her advantage?

3) This is what is commonly perceived, but it is not the case. Nature has given us 5 elements, why do we opt to only use the better one?

4) A textbook answer is not always the answer. Life is complicated and remember there are many ways leading to Rome. The correct understanding is to navigate your life journey through a road of less resistance and not in loggerhead with resistance.

On a side note, your chart is a very interesting one as at the moment I reserved to comment until such time I have the mood to discuss it over in YiBazi. In fact you have been meeting all the correct FengShui masters in the contrary of your believes. If it is without them, how would you seek further in search of the Truth. They appeared in your life at a time when your destiny crosses path with them. So it is affinity, so is the same of me replying your email in spike of my busy schedule.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nature Of QuanYuan's Workshop

Question: Greetings, and thank you for taking time to reading this, I being looking and browsing through your web and blog. But I still have question on my mind regarding your course. I can't find any detail information about your course, so I would like to know more about what the teacher is teaching. I read that the teacher is teaching BaZi,

1. Is the course also teaching FengShui with BaZi?
2. How long the courses take?
3. And I wonder is this course conduct in separate modules or just one?
4. Is the course fee shown in the blog for just 1 module or all if the class has separated levels.

Answer: Thanks for inquiring and please note our response: -

1. As at to date, QuanYuan offers BaZi Preparatory Workshop, as an entry level to our curriculum. In other words and unlike other academies, everyone who wishes to study with QuanYuan, would first have to joint our BaZi Preparatory Workshop. Thereafter, students are encouraged to practice with their new found skills and duly follow up with correspondence with the teacher. Later, these students are invited to join in for repeated workshops, to polish their skill further. QuanYuan always believed in the principle of 80% of students are able to gain 20% of knowledge in the first time. With practice, 20% of students are able to gain 80% of knowledge in subsequent workshops. It is these 20% of students that we are able to coach for future workshops such as FengShui.

Therefore, BaZi is the entry level to FengShui. As there is already so much depth to cover for BaZi, the teacher may only touches briefly on the application of BaZi to FengShui during the last day of case study.

2. QuanYuan’s courses are in the format of workshop, meaning we would spend one or two days to deliver the key theories and spend the rest of the days to discuss on real life applications. The final days will be the platform for students to put forth their questions and are duly answered by the respective teacher.

In the case of BaZi, the workshop will stretch for 3 full days, 2 days for fundamental theories and the last day for case study. As you can read from the student’s response, it is always the last day that the teacher would show exactly how the chart is being peeled off layer by layer to reveal the underlying truth which sometimes, may be horrifying in nature. This is the forte of our workshop.

In the case of FengShui, the workshop would be conducted in 2 parts. Part 1 would stress on diagnostic approach while part 2 would stress on prescriptive approach. Each part would stretch for 4 days at a minimum. Again, 2 days for theory and the last 2 days for practical.

3. So far we only have BaZi preparatory workshop. We are planning to have our maiden FengShui preparatory workshop at the end of the year. However, it will only be offered to our invited students. Unlike other academies, our workshops are not made in modules but in session accordance to the progress of our students. We are creating layers of committed practitioners to assist us in our group practice not ad-hoc learners.

4. The course fee shown is for the said workshop only. Students are invited to joint in for subsequent repeated workshops for a nominal fee. Any subsequent workshops will be charged differently as the case may be.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Question on Aunthenticity

Question: There was a big HOO HA in the Indonesian forum regarding FengShui authenticity. What would you think about it?

Answer: This is one field that is subjected to abuse without any standard to benchmark. We can understand as to why our Indonesia counterparts felt so. This is again, not an easy digestible answer. The term authenticity comes from 2 forms. First, being a disciple of a reputable lineage. Second, having an official diploma from a reputable academy. Both have got its unresolved and contagious issues, worth contemplating, such as what is a reputable lineage? The meaning to lineage is prescribed in Yifengshui and we shall not elaborate more in here.

Being a disciple of a reputable lineage, one has to be accepted into the purview of a certain Tang, hall or chamber of practice, through its legitimate means liked oath, and ceremony of tea, fee and so forth. However, discipleship has twofold. One form of discipleship is called outdoor and the other being indoor. The term indoor means one has to slave oneself through many years of voluntary labor to serve the master in order to gain his trust. Ultimately, is treating the master as his own father. The other way is to marry into the master’s family, which is easier. Technically speaking, discipleship of this sort is very rare. Whereas outdoor discipleship is through the graces of the master accepting disciples among his clienteles, fans, friends and so forth for the needs of propagations. The very question remains, is the knowledge being authentic learning from the lineage holder, indoor disciples or simply any outdoor disciples would do?  Authenticity becomes a very vague term.

The modern “fast food” scenario is CTC (Cut the craps). Lineage holder has been given many fanciful meanings and interpretations, example inheriting a book autographed by the author, insignia in the forms of a robe, some mistakenly thought to be under garment, certificates and the sorts. These are the “tools” to establish academies which later joint forces to establish guilds which collectively dish out titles liked grandmasters and masters to elite members who can afford their annual subscriptions. Learning has been given a dash of Western approach with certificates of attendance and diplomas and students who has gone through the system, afford to pay a ransom price, must adorn the graduation gown in line with universities liked Oxbridge. Some academy practices to the extent of adorning emperor’s robe to add in some dash of the Orientals. The question remains, is obtaining these certificates and diplomas measurable to being authentic?

This is what I would think about it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What About Water Features


By the way, just curious if there is a necessary to do some water features or fountains in order to enhance my house FengShui?


Not compulsory, unless for short turnovers of which you will need to pay back. It is very common to hear the XuanKong proponent in activating the annual or monthly Qi using water placement. Qi stimulating is a method for short term gain based mainly on the month's Qi. Coupled with the monthly "luck" in accordance to one's BaZi, everyone using that particular space would experience different effects. A good luck person would experience significant increase of opportunity in the expense of the bad luck person, if there are more then one person using that particular space. Otherwise, such increase in opportunity would means to hasten auspiciousness in the expense that when the person's luck make a dive, such dive would be doubled in effects. It all boils down to the "balance sheet" of one's BaZi. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Common Enquiry On BaZi Preparatory Workshop


May I know the venue of bazi workshop? Is it at KL or Singapore? What about the medium of instruction? Is it in English or Mandarin? Is this course for beginners or advanced learner? My BaZi understanding is limited based on what I have read from books and blogs. By the way, can I know what is included in the 3 days course example foods, course contents? Hope to hear from you.


The venue is in Malaysia. Click HERE for detail. The medium of instruction is bilingual - English + Mandarin. The primary medium is in English, so is the notes. However for clarification he will add on clarification in mandarin as well. So that you will get the correct nuances. Don't worry, it is not Beijing mandarin.

Ok, to maximize your learning, is better you must at least remember the 12 Chinese character of stem branch. Perhaps now there is still time read up some basic of clashes, combination and so on. That will ease your learning when you join the workshop.

This course straddles between beginner and intermediate. He will go briefly on how the chart is constructed. Since there is so much software available he will not be discussing in detail. However he will concentrate more on the cutting off point. Is good that if you do not have preconceived idea to start with.?

The fee covers coursework and lunch only. We may assist you in lodging within the same hotel. Let me know your preferences example, Twin sharing or single bed and so forth. You will have to arrange for your own transportation.?


How much deposit do I need to send to secure a place at RMxxxx?  Actually I am signing up based on the reviews on the webpage. Can you please tell me more about the master's skills? Is this the only module or are there more to come?


As places are limited, we do not collect deposit. Just deposit in the full amount to the account number so provided and sends us the proof of deposit either via email. In the event of course termination for unforeseen reason, you will be refunded in FULL. Payment made will not be refunded unless under reasonable grounds. Refund of 100% will be entertained if the request of refund is made under reasonable grounds before 26 October 2010. Refund of 50% will be entertained if the request of refund is made under reasonable grounds before 26 November 2010. After 26 November 2010, no refund will be entertained.

Master Ng seldom teaches. He practices more then he teaches. So you can say this is the only module. He is only willing to impart knowledge to enable his student to read BaZi for themselves and their family members confidently. Why not stranger or famous personality, because he believes that one is able to match real life event to the chart being read and he wants immediate feedback. With consent he may even go to some sensitive matters revealed from the chart and be discuss in the class. The problem with him, he likes to be challenged. He wants his student to know how he derives his hypotheses. If you want to dwell into theory, this is not the class! If you want to be taught to read BaZi and practice it in a practical sense, then this is it!

He couldn't be bothered, even if you have learned from other masters or being send by other master to sit in. That is his least concerned as in his previous class there were also students from other school. However a note of concerns. What you learn is only for you and you are free to communicate with him about your progress. He touches base with every students of his who eventually upgraded to being FengShui practitioners some under the banner of QuanYuan. There is no fuss about it. Unless, he is comfortable to impart more advance knowledge, then there may be future module. Think about it he only teaches twice a year?. As it is, is already a worth investment compared to Module 4 of the other school.

I truly guess he uses this workshop just to build up affinity with his student rather than just making money. However as he is also from the old school, if the breaches are made by the student themselves either in being scrupulous, dishonest, un respectful and ill intention, then there is only God that such student needs to answer to.

I hope this explanation helps in your decision making.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Should I Hang A LuoPan?


My neighbor has this LuoPan hung above his car porch pointing towards my house. What am I going to do? Should I use a fork and point against it? I thought LuoPan is supposed to be a tool, just liked what you are using to measure my house. 


There are many taboos in relation to the LuoPan. Liked YinYang, it may be true for some aspects, but yet false in other aspects. Like in your case, if you think the LuoPan is just a tool, yes it is a tool as a compass to measure. Yet, beyond that it is also a vessel. Any physical object you see and is empty within is potentially a vessel. Being an empty vessel it is potentially to be occupied by entities. This is not FengShui per se. That is why it is true in some aspect, yet false in the others. Your neighbor has used the LuoPan as a vessel for the residing guardian spirits to protect his house. So, there is nothing you need to do about it.

Saying thus, there is a practice in Yin FengShui, where it is thought that the LuoPan may be possessed if you place it directly on the ground. So, you need a bucket of uncooked rice to rest your LuoPan with. This is again, not FengShui, yet it is true in another aspect. Same goes with the fact that some old masters refuse to open up the LuoPan when the sun is set. There are some truths in that.

In the years of practice, sometimes we are not able to take measurements with our LuoPan for certain unknown reasons. We may blame it to the unstable Qi fluctuations. Yet, there are far more reasons to that. 


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